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Semra Türkmen was born in 1971 in Shumen, Bulgaria.
She has been drawing actively since her very early childhood, and her education in art is a natural consequence of this active work.

The artist does not have formal education in art.

She developed her own style by working actively and independently, continuously experimenting with different media.

In 1989 she migrated to Turkey together with her family where she received a B.A. degree in the field of literature from the Istanbul University.

Her artworks have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Turkey, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and England.

She lives in Finland since 2005




”Semra Türkmen is able to distance people from and at the same time bring them closer to experiences
that can be memories, dreams, reflections – whatever each image decides to do in each spectator’s mind.”

Taava Koskinen
President of the Finnish AICA Section